gift card


A prepaid card or or gift certificate that can be used to make purchases in the store. Each gift card is assigned a unique code which is entered at checkout. The value of the gift card is reflected in the gift card account balance. There are three types of gift cards:

• "Physical" gift cards can be produced from plastic or card stock, shipped to the customer. • "Virtual" gift cards are sent by email. • "Combined" gift cards are a combination of the two, shipped to the recipient as a physical card and also delivered by email. Gift cards are configurable, including options for product eligibility and selection of open or fixed amounts.

A gift card can also be redeemed by the store administrator on customer request when the order is being created in the backend.

Gift cards also help promotions, as store administrators can manually create the gift card accounts in the backend and send the gift card codes to the specific customer segment. Gift cards can serve as a loyalty program targeted at the most active customers who make a lot of purchases from the web store or a specific promotional campaign during the holidays.

See also: product-types